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This website is made up of everything that has to do with me as a voice talent. Feel free to listen to my voice reels, to look at my CV or to click through the gallery to get an impression of me and my work.


My name is Regine. I’m a trained musical actress with a bachelor's degree in Comparative Literature and Psychology. I've been working as a voice talent for several years, focusing on audiobooks, radio plays and dubbing.


Each genre is a challenge, and this is what makes my work exciting and complex. Working as a professional voice talent means to measure up to a range of emotions and expectations. It means to have a vocal variety in order to meet the claims of every role.


And for me it means to hold down a job, that I love.


If you’re looking for a professional voice talent and you do like my work, feel free to text me via my contact page.

Über mich

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